Prospect Preview: Drew Lock

Background Info


School: Missouri

Position: Quarterback

Class: Senior

Recruiting Ranking: 4-star

Height: 6036

Weight: 223



2015: 129-263 (49.0), 1,332 yards, 4 touchdowns, 8 interceptions


2016: 237-434 (54.6), 3,399 yards, 23 touchdowns, 10 interceptions


2017: 242-419 (57.8), 3,964 yards, 44 touchdowns, 13 interceptions


2018: 275-437 (62.9), 3,498 yards, 28 touchdowns, 8 interceptions


Games Watched



South Carolina







Arm Strength: The first thing that jumps off the tape with Lock is his arm strength. He can make long distance throws look effortless. Second part of arm strength comes with delivering short faces with velocity, another area Lock exceeds in. As the ability to push the ball in between defenders in tight windows.



Mechanics: Lock’s mechanics get away with him on occasion and that leads to inaccuracy. However, when given time, Lock’s mechanics are fantastic. Has solid base underneath him which allows him to drive the ball down field where he needs to it go. Arm motion gets sloppy and he tends to throw sidearmed sometimes, but overall his mechanics from his base to release should look favorable in NFL team’s eyes.


Poise: Lock’s poise is both a positive and a negative. He isn’t afraid to stand in the face of pressure when delivering a pass. Rarely panics and is able to roll out under control when need me.

Mobility: Decently mobile but can get away from pressure when the time calls. Won’t be called upon execute many, if any, designed QB runs but is more than capable of extending plays with his feet and gaining the necessary yardage. 




Accuracy: Has shown the ability to make every type of throw imaginable but has trouble doing it consistently. Most of his inaccuracy comes on deeper throws over the middle. Tends to sail passes which will get him in tons of trouble in the NFL. Loves to throw towards the sideline but needs put the ball where his receivers can actually catch them on a more consistent basis.


Pocket Movement: Has a tendency to drift off the line of scrimmage. Even in a clean pocket, will drift further and further back or drift sideways. Doesn’t do a great job at moving up in the pocket to avoid rushers on the outside.


Anticipation: Isn’t exactly comfortable making throws into tight windows. Will also tend to hold onto the ball too long waiting for receivers to run wide open instead of trying to fit it into a window after the receiver breaks off his route.


Vision: Not great at going through professions quickly. Will make up his mind on where he is going with his throw and lock onto that receiver. Needs to improve on looking off safeties and making the appropriate throws.