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Welcome to the Blue Chip Scouting community!

My name is Dalton Miller and I am the founder of Blue Chip Scouting. I created this site as a platform for those passionate about football and draft prospects to come together, share thoughts, and debate the sport and players.

I’ve been passionate about football since I was a child and have focused my career on reporting the big names of each year’s NFL draft. Football is my work and my play. I hope that my genuine obsession comes through in everything you find on the site.

The site originally started out as my personal blog with only my perspective shared. But as I’ve gotten involved with others in the draft community, I’ve found that being able to collaborate and compare ideas results in a much more interesting conversation. For that reason, I’ve opened the site to new contributors and am currently accepting new content in the following areas:

  • Articles on 2019 NFL draft prospects

  • 2019 NFL Mock Drafts

  • Podcast guests to appear on Blue Chip Scouting podcast


If you’d like to contribute to the community in any of these formats, please fill out the form below.

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